SSK INTERGRATED SERVICES LIMITED is a Nigeria company with an international outlook which is into manufacture and sale of reinforced concrete poles for power transmission and distribution with focus on customer satisfaction. The company employees’ requisite experience to promptly deliver professional service to high standard that meet industry and regulatory requirement while working in a conducive production environment.

SSK INTERGRATED SERVICES LIMITED is a registered electricity pole manufacturing, procurement and project management company established in Nigeria since 2017. 

Our guiding philosophy has been to constantly reinvent our approach to face the challenges of a dynamic business environment and ensure sustainable development.

The company has a good understanding of the terrain and established good manufacturing practice to build quality into her processes, product and system.

With an ultramodern Engineering Laboratory on site, relevant quality control inspections and tests are carried out promptly on site for conformity to standard specification has capacity to cure at-least 160 poles in her wet curing ponds per batch of production and with the use of admixture in concrete production, we produce poles of high mechanical strength, durability and early strength development.


We strive to be the client’s choice for electricity pole manufacturing.  We meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We are strongly committed to:

  1. Develop team relationships with our clients while working together to achieve a high level of productivity and profitability within the business. Provide long-term commitment and support to our clients.
  2. Remain at the cutting edge of technical services and combine the knowledge with the highest standard of quality product.
  3. Achieving the highest level of innovation, skills, and competence in our field.


To emerge as a lead indigenous pole manufacturing company in Nigeria and the African continent at large with a capacity to execute jobs and projects that are of international standard and specification. We continuously strive to be the reference point for quality and integrity when it comes to project delivery in all areas of our operations. To attain our vision, we plan, implement and control a system that facilitates the management of quality, safety, and environment on our project by implementing the following principles:

  1. Comply with relevant statutory and contractual obligations. Conform to recognize international standards.
  2.  Maintain excellent communication with clients.
  3.  Provide top-quality services at a reasonable cost and within the shortest possible time.
  4.  Continually improve the skills and competencies of our workforce.
  5. Work with the sustainability of the environment in mind, as well as help to develop host communities.

Commitment to Culture

For over 5 years, our commitment to our Core Values has made SSK INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED owners of VIBRATED BLOCK HOUSE and SSK POWER DISTRIBUTION CONCRETE POLES the ideal building partner and quality delivery campaign in Rivers State for the region’s most forward-thinking organizations.

Our success comes from a steadfast commitment to the client’s vision and a culture of balance, integrity, leadership, and loyalty. At SSK INTEGRATED SERVICES, we transform the manufacturing of our product experience through the creation of an environment that fosters collaboration and project team engagement.

With a workplace that attracts and retains the best employees in every field. We are proud of the dedication, skill, and integrity of each of our employees, and their unique contributions to building our high-performance teams.

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Loyalty - FADE

Having a vested interest, unwavering faith and commitment to our company and its people. Being devoted to each other and having all allegiance to SSK INTEGRATED SERVICES  and its core values.


Balance - Fulfilling Relationships

Creating an environment where people feel they can commit time, energy and attention to the people and activities that are important to them, at work and at home.


Integrity -
Do the Right Thing

Honest and truthful in our interactions with each other and our clients. Dedicated to honest and ethical practices and moral standards.


Leadership - Learning
Leading and Getting Results

Guiding, inspiring and encouraging people to grow and succeed while striving towards a common goal. Providing clear vision and direction to support the team to be their best.

Community Commitment

Our impact is felt beyond the blocks and poles we manufacture. Through the investment of our time and resources, we are committed to strengthening regulatory requirements and a better community.


With this as our focus, we seek out mission-driven partners and use our resources to support their growth and expectation of various government agencies’ objectives if possible.

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